What's in a Kit?

Kits come with everything you need to turn your classroom into an escape room!

  • 10 Clues

  • Props

  • Table of Contents

  • Set up Instructions

  • Blueprints for the Escape

  • Clue Titles Sheet

  • Escape Scenario

  • Props List

  • Rules of the Game

    Premium Kits include:

  • 10 Boxes

  • 10 Pre-set Locks

All clues, props and instructions are printed on 24 lb. paper and are protected with 5 mil lamination to help them last for years! And if a clue or prop gets lost or damaged, we will replace for FREE!

“Get Out Escape provided a memorable experience for our students and parents through an Escape Room GT family night. Chris worked closely with me to design escape rooms that met the needs and purpose of the event and went above and beyond to execute 12 escape rooms simultaneously. He and his team came early to set up and were so helpful to our staff as we prepared each room.  The parents and students were blown away by the challenge and still comment on how much they enjoyed completing an escape room with their family and friends.” 

Cyndi Nyvall

PTISD Secondary ELAR/SS Curriculum Coordinator

Advanced Academics Coordinator

“The Get Out Escape room was a wonderful opportunity to help review our students in a fun way. Chris was easy to work with, and he created amazing clues based on the content we cover. Our students enjoyed the challenge of solving clues that incorporated material they had learned in multiple subjects to escape and move from room to room. My team is looking forward to working with Chris in the future to provide our students with a unique method to review.” 

Seth McCool

UT Tyler Innovation Academy

Tyler Campus

Math Teacher

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