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The 8th Grade English, Language Arts, Reading kit comes with 10 clues, based on each of the following topics:

  • Punctuation
  • Inferencing (Metaphors and Personification)
  • Poetic Forms
  • Prefix and Suffix Meanings
  • Literary Themes
  • Grammar and Spelling
  • Literary Devices
  • Identifying Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Thesis Writing
  • Characterization through Dialogue

All clues meet Common Core, TEKS, OAS and other state standards.

Note: Only the Premium Package comes complete with 10 boxes and 10 locks.

                     8th Grade ELAR Clue Titles

                        Punctual Conversations

                               In an Inference

                             Poetry in Motion

                            Match (Pre)Game

                          Theme-ingly Simple

                    Grammatically Spellbound

                 Literary Devices Pictures Sum

                         Prefixes and Suffixes

                               Thesis Strong

                              Character Plot


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8th Grade ELAR Digital (PDF)

  • The 8th Grade English Language Arts kit includes 10 clues and over 20 props.  It also includes an Escape Scenario, a Table of Contents, a Clue Titles sheet, Rules of the Game, Set-up Instructions, and Blueprints on how to solve each clue. 

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