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The 5th Grade Math kit comes with 10 clues, based on each of the following topics:

  • Rounding to the Tenth and Hundreth
  • Multiple Representations: Verbal to Equation
  • Coordinate Planes: Graphing Ordered Pairs of Numbers
  • Rectangular Prisms
  • Dividing by Fractions
  • Gross vs. Net Income
  • Measurement Conversions
  • Budgeting
  • Data Display and Analysis
  • Mathematical Expressions

All clues meet Common Core, TEKS, OAS and other state standards.

Note: Only the Premium Package comes complete with 10 boxes and 10 locks.                                               

                  5th Grade Math Clue Titles

                        Tenth Little Indians

                          Corny Equations

                         Plane and Simple

                        Rectangular Prism

                      Fractional Snowmen

                      That’s Gross Income

                  Set the Conversion Table


                         Display the Data

                              Math Match


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5th Grade Math Digital (PDF)

  • The 5th Grade Math kit includes 10 clues and over 30 props.  It also includes an Escape Scenario, a Table of Contents, a Clue Titles sheet, Rules of the Game, Set-up Instructions, and Blueprints on how to solve each clue.

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