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The 4th Grade ELAR kit comes with 10 clues, based on each of the following topics:

  • Use Dictionary to Find Meaning of Words
  • Describe Explicit Relationships Among Ideas: Cause and Effect
  • Sequence the Plot’s Main Events

  • Multiple Meaning Words
  • Read and Provide Evidence of Reading; Describe Characters Interactions
  • Understand the Structure and Elements of Poetry
  • Edit and Revise
  • Describe Implicit Relationships Among Ideas, by Cause and Effect
  • Identify Action Verbs

  • Guide Words and Concluding Sentences

All clues meet Common Core, TEKS, OAS and other state standards.

Note: Only the Premium Package comes complete with 10 boxes and 10 locks.                                               

                  4th Grade ELAR Clue Titles

                     Which Dictionary Page?

                         Kitty in the Kitchen

                        Squiggly Sequence

                          Pair Up the Pairs

                       Timmy Meets Maxie

                            Poetic Justice

                               RED COW


                    Lights, Camera, ACTION

      Guide Words and Concluding Sentences  


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4th Grade ELAR Digital (PDF)

  • The 4th Grade ELAR kit includes 10 clues and over 40 props.  It also includes an Escape Scenario, a Table of Contents, a Clue Titles sheet, Rules of the Game, Set-up Instructions, and Blueprints on how to solve each clue. 

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