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A unique and effective way to review/preview curriculum and prepare students for STAAR and other testing!

“The escape room was an engaging and challenging way to review the concepts we have covered throughout the year. By allowing the students to use their content knowledge in a different and unique way, it allowed the students to apply their knowledge and made it more concrete.” 

Emily Wood

7/8 Science

UT Tyler Innovation Academy 

"Last year in April, my fifth grade class worked through the STAAR review break out room.  It had great instructions and clear Teacher set up. It was well planned and thorough.  I would have enjoyed working through it as an adult.  

My students had not done a breakout room like this before.  This was much more authentic and mirrored one I went to with friends." 

Jill Newsome, M Ed

4/5 ELA

UT Tyler Innovation Academy 


ritical thinking

Escape Rooms are proving to be very valuable teaching tools.  Your students will be challenged with solving 10 curriculum-based clues in one hour by using critical thinking and literal thinking.  Students will use gameful attitudes to solve problems and will learn to be more creative and determined. 


ands-on learning



Hands-on learning has proven to be a very successful teaching method.  Escape rooms help develop skills such as collaboration, delegation, communication, optimism, time management, confidence and even courage.   

Let's face it, kids tend to

learn better and retain more knowledge when they are engaged and having fun during the teaching process.  Escape rooms are immersive, exciting experiences that will keep the student's interest level on high.



Every clue in every kit

follows the guidelines set

out by Common Core,

TEKS (TX), OAS (OK), Standards & Learning (SC), SOL (VA), Missouri Learning Standards, Minnesota,

Indiana and Alaska Academic Standards for Math, Science, ELAR and Social Studies.

“This is really great stuff!!  It’s so easy for teachers to set up and use, without requiring vast planning.  Because they can easily ID outcomes, it should be simple for them to set out a quick, effective plan and have some great fun working through the questions.  I think kids will love it and I bet teachers will be able to use this activity in many ways: studying, reviewing, reinforcing, a one off fun activity that offers a change or break from typical daily lessons (you know, like near the end of a unit when you’ve really had them working solidly for days and you think they need a bit of a break?)    I also think the idea could be utilized in a class like my Learning Strategies, to reinforce study skills, learning strengths, etc.  You could reinforce team work, recognizing strengths or even learning styles, and how each member brings different strengths/ skills to the activity and can contribute to the solution.” 

Lori Nelson


Edmonton, Alberta


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